IHAA is an intentional international, intercultural, interspiritual living learning community.

Important Policies

We create an environment where everyone living at IHAA contributes, interacts, and benefits from the diversity of our residents through daily interaction and regular programs.  The quality of community life requires the active participation of each resident. We ask each IHAA resident to live by the following policies:

  • Consistently participate in life at IHAA through the many programs offered each month;
  • Volunteer to cook, present, facilitate, set-up/clean-up, or help as able and needed during your residency;
  • Respect and honor the views of others, including differing religious views, political understandings, family, social, and cultural patterns;
  • Share a multi-bedroom apartment with anyone, regardless of your nationality, cultural traditions, or religion;
  • Be sensitive, flexible, cooperative, and compromising for the good of your apartment mates;
  • SMOKING: IHAA is an entirely smoke-free environment
  • ILLEGAL DRUGS are prohibited from use at IHAA
  • Alcohol may not be publicly consumed at IHAA unless aged 21 during an IHAA program that specifically offers it.

Links to Resources

Language Help  

Health Care and Emergency Numbers

Grocery Shopping and Shopping Service

Clothing and Thrift shops for clothing (especially winter)  

Local Transportation

Community Bike Pool

On-Site Parking

IHAA offers limited parking on-site and at a nearby church, and is only available to residents with valid permits issued by IHAA. Permits are available by lottery at the beginning of each Fall term.

Package Delivery Signing

When packages are delivered to the IHAA during office hours (Monday – Friday 9AM- 5PM), staff can sign for the packages and hold them for residents to pick up.

On-Site Card Operated Laundry

IHAA provides credit card operated washers and dryers for the convenience of their residents. The laundry room is located inside the building on the basement level.

Vacuums Available for Resident Use

Vacuums are kept in the lounge closet and are available for residents to borrow and clean their apartments with.

Storage Space

IHAA provides a small storage space for residents to keep personal items like luggage or boxes that they may not want to keep in their bedroom.