Building & Apartment Overview

IHAA’s residence is made up of 47 bedrooms within 21 apartments which are located in two wings: Dotson and Harper. The Dotson wing includes 5 one-bedroom units on the second floor and 6 two-bedroom units on the third floor. The Harper Wing includes 10 three-bedroom apartments across both floors. As these wings were originally detached buildings, there are significant differences between them. Dotson wing is an older structure with stairs-only while the Harper Wing has an elevator that takes residents from the fourth floor to the basement. Both wings are connected through common areas on the ground floor of each building. A handicap accessible three-bedroom apartment unit is available on the ground floor of the Harper wing.

Building Amenities

The common areas include a spacious lounge, kitchen, café, recreation/exercise room, and a meeting area known as the Mpanya Room. There is a cafe with hot drinks and space to study. The lounge includes a comfortable living room area, large television with cable, along with a modern kitchen and dining space available for resident use. All apartments have excellent internet service. Hardwire ethernet connection is also available in every room. We also provide card-operated laundry machines and assigned storage space in the basement. There is a free-to-use community bike pool that every tenant has rights to use on a first come, first serve basis. These bikes are provided for free but you are responsible for your own helmet and safety if you choose to use them. We are not responsible for personal injury or damage to property if you choose to borrow a bike.

Apartments & Rooms

To pursue our mission of being an intentional international intercultural and interreligious living, learning, and leading community, we encourage all of our residents to share apartments with people from different countries than their own. This is why contracts are offered by each individual bedroom, not as an entire apartment (except for 1-bedroom apartments and for families). We find this is an excellent opportunity for residents to explore and learn about other cultures, attitudes, and world views. Additionally, this can be helpful for international students coming to the U.S. for the first time who might have trouble finding a roommate before arriving. IHAA will match the person with another apartment mate/s based on each person’s application.

All utilities are included in your rent. To ease your transition and arrival to Ann Arbor, all apartments at IHAA are fully furnished. Each includes:

Term Options

Annual: 12 months (August 21- August 20)
Academic Year: 9 months (August 21- May 20)
Semester (limited availability): 4.5 months

  • Fall (August 21- December 31)
  • Winter (January 1- May 20)

Semester and Summer: 7.5 months (January 1 – August 15 or May 20 – December 31)
Summer: Monthly from May 20th through August 20th

The rental rate is based on the duration of your stay–it is much cheaper to do an academic or annual lease.

Annual and Summer Contract

Academic Year Contract

Semester Contract

Application Fee: None.

Security Deposit: A full month’s rent is due for a security deposit.
A security deposit is held in escrow by IHAA until the end of the contract. This covers costs for the repair of damages caused to the apartment property while in possession by the resident. Apartments are carefully inspected for condition by each resident at the beginning of each contract term, and then a move-out inspection is conducted with IHAA at the end of every contract term. Security deposits are refundable within 30 days of departure. Damages beyond normal wear and tear are deducted from the security deposit.

One-Time Preparation Fee: $170 per individual contract.
The preparation fee covers various office administrative costs, apartment preparation and cleaning to ensure that each apartment is move-in ready upon each resident’s arrival.

IHAA offers 1 Bedroom, 2 Bedroom, and 3 Bedroom