The Intercultural Effectiveness Scale (IES) is a tool for assessing an individual’s personal progress in intercultural competency. IES was designed by the Kozai Group. IHAA staff members have received IES training. This instrument is one way to measure success in helping people develop intercultural communication and global citizenship.

The IES examines three main dimensions of intercultural adaptability (Continuous Learning, Interpersonal Relations, and Hardiness) with each dimension consisting of two sub-dimensions. The assessment is meant to help each individual learn how they can personally evolve to inter-act and inter-be with our diverse, multicultural world. An Overall IES score is generated by combining the scores of the six sub-dimensions.

Continuous Learning                                         Interpersonal Relations                                 Hardiness

Exploration                                                                  Global Mindset                                                        Positive Regard

Self Awareness                                                            Relationship Interest                                              Emotional Resilience