The Global Engagement for Understanding (GEU) Program at IHAA helps participants develop skills in intercultural effectiveness, global citizenship, and servant leadership through various activities and events.

Each activity or event reflects one or more of the following four focus areas of the GEU Program:

  • Culture & Spirituality (CS)
    These activities increase understanding of, respect for, and harmonious exchange between people with diverse cultural and spiritual worldviews.

  • Leadership & Service (LS)
    These programs promote the aptitude for servant leadership as both a practice of local-to-global social contribution and as an embodied way of relating to others.

  • Justice & Peace (JP)
    These events allow participants to explore diverse perspectives of justice, peace-making, and equality, including the sociopolitical and cultural contexts in which they occur.

  • Community & Politics (CP)
    CP events provide space for members from diverse backgrounds to build community through open-minded communication and inclusive interaction.

GEU Program participants interact with other IHAA residents, UM students, and members of the local community. Participants are encouraged to experience programs in each focus area to broaden understanding.

Certificates in Global Engagement are awarded by IHAA to participants (residents and non-residents) with a strong interest in mastering intercultural skills for their professional, civic, and/or academic careers.