In Words, Not Numbers

“I do not want to leave! I absolutely loved staying here. It has been a comfortable home base that has allowed me to stay focused on my career. It was a nervous move to Ann Arbor when I first arrived, however, everyone at IHAA was very kind which allowed me to quickly feel at home. Additionally, the location is fantastic being so close to campus.” -Brian, USA

“Living in the IHAA has given me the opportunity to meet new people from different backgrounds, nationalities and beliefs while serving as a home for this summer experience in the University of Michigan.” -Manuel, Puerto Rico

Really enjoyed my time here, was very thankful for the kindness and hospitality! Very happy with the facilities and grateful for the opportunity to meet people from different countries and learn about different cultures.” -Aarcha, India 

“My experience at IHAA was an interesting one. Never in my life have I been surrounded by so many people of vastly different background from. It was really exciting to meet and interact with people from all over the world and with the various cultural appreciation programs IHAA hosts it was easy to bridge any gaps between us. Truly a wonderful experience!” -Nigel, USA

“It’s been great! I have enjoyed my stay and will gladly recommend IHAA to any friends, colleagues etc. who ask for advice on where to stay in Ann Arbor. I was only here four weeks but had I stayed longer I think the access to such an international community would have been life-changing for sure.”    -Maria, Sweden

“ I have stayed at IHAA for few times before. Every time I visited here, I met great friends from all over the world! I want to come back to IHAA again!” -Aya, Japan

“IHAA is a very good and warm place for me. I feel safe and enjoy during my living. There are  several activities for all international and national students to joy and have fun. All staffs here are so kind and welcome. I love IHAA.” -Ameena, Thailand

“Staying in IHAA was so much fun for me with the amazing staff here who are always ready to help and always take care of your problems as soon as they can. I really loved my apartment here which was well maintained. I made new friends from other countries which is great and one thing I learned here was cooking, which I was very bad at when I came here initially but by the end of two months, I along with my friends managed to feed 60-80 people a not-so-shitty meal. IHAA feels like home to me and I am deeply saddened by the thought of leaving it. I would like to thank everyone at IHAA and all the volunteers for making my stay so memorable.” -Arindam, India