Can American students and scholars live at IHAA?

Yes, American students and scholars are welcome!  In fact, we believe there is only one international or global community. American students/scholars are members of the international community around the world. American citizens make up 10-15% of our residential community every year. American students must submit an application for residency like all other international students.

What are the criteria for selecting residents?
Each application is reviewed and candidates are selected based on their potential contribution to the community, their interests, and the number of available spaces.

Do you choose a roommate for me?
We will choose roommates for you, especially if you are brand new to the country and do not know anyone from the U of M. Residents share apartments with people from different backgrounds and find this an interesting opportunity to learn about and better understand other cultures, beliefs, attitudes and world views. Most residents are graduate students. The level of study is considered, so that undergrads share with undergraduates and graduate students or scholars are placed together.

*IHAA’s policy is to only match residents of the same gender together, unless it is requested and pre-agreed by each apartment-mate.

Does the apartment have its own kitchen, bathroom and living room?
Each apartment has a kitchen, bathroom and living room, all furnished. Kitchenware is not provided.

Can I bring my own furniture?
No, each apartment is fully furnished and residents are not permitted to add or remove furniture without permission of the IHAA staff.

Does each person have a private bedroom in each apartment?
Yes, each person has a private bedroom, but residents in the 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom apartments share a kitchen, living room, and one bathroom.

Are all utilities included?
Yes, all utilities are included in your community living payment. Those utilities are gas, electricity, heat/air conditioning, water, sewer, trash removal, ethernet and wifi.

Do you give short term leases?
We generally offer short term leases during the spring and summer.

How close are you to the ISR, the Business School and the School of Social Work?
We are about 20 minutes walk to ISR and 5 minutes from the Business School and School of Social Work.

Which programs are required?
All Residents are required to attend ORIENTATION even if they attended in past years.
Most residents are here because they want to be involved in GEU (GLOBAL ENGAGEMENT FOR UNDERSTANDING) programs, to engage in service opportunities, and to take a leadership role. IHAA staff encourages residents to plan formal or informal social gatherings with other residents. Residents interested in earning a Certificate in Global Engagement are required to participate in programs that reflect their area of interest among the four GEU themes.

Are the apartments cable ready and is internet available?
Internet is provided (included in your Community Living Agreement (CLA)) and is available throughout the building. WiFi is included in your CLA.  If you want cable TV in your apartment, you must set it up on your own through a local company. If all apartment mates agree, cable costs may be shared among them.  Note: large screen TV is available in the first floor Commons Lounge.

Does each apartment have a telephone?
It is optional to have a telephone in the apartment. The apartment is ready for phone hook-up but many students have cell phones now and have opted out of that possibility.
The IHAA Library has a telephone for local calls and with the use of a phone card, long distance calls can be made.


How do I submit a maintenance request?
The preferred method is to submit an online maintenance request through the TenantCloud portal where you make your payments.

Do I need to be present in the apartment for maintenance to occur?
If you provide permission in advance, you do not need to be present. The IHAA maintenance staff will enter and complete tasks during the times you have specified on your request form.