IHAA Community

Experience the power of INTER-national/cultural/spiritual community-in-the-making at I-House Ann Arbor.

At IHAA, people from different cultures come together and form an international, intercultural, interspiritual community while preserving the integrity of each member’s cultural identity. Shared attitudes, values, and ethical norms are celebrated within distinctive, unique, and coherent cultures and worldviews.

IHAA is a mix of graduate and undergraduate students, scholars and interns from around the world choosing to live together and learn from each other to know what it is to be part of a meaningful, fulfilling micro-global community. Each cohort’s success is a feather in the world’s cap and a step towards universal peace.

IHAA residents, the campus community, and the broader local community are all welcome to Global Engagement for Understanding (GEU) events to experience the benefits of genuine community. Subscribe to the IHAA mailing list for program updates.