Global Engagement for Understanding’s educational programs are open to IHAA Residents, the UM campus community, and the general public. Welcome to learning together in an INTER -national -cultural -spiritual community.

Documentary Film Specials
GEU hosts award-winning documentary films AND culturally significant movies at I-House Ann Arbor. Featured films and movies are followed by deeper conversation that may include experienced local and regional thought leaders, film directors, and actors. Follow up to last year’s featured documentary, Tribal Justice, included discussion with a local Indian chief and a county judge and UM professor in Family Law.

Speaker Events
A series of globally relevant lectures by prominent speakers are offered throughout the academic year.

ESL – Survival English
Residents and non-residents may take advantage of IHAA’s partnership with Washtenaw Literacy by attending free ESL Workshops at IHAA. Workshops are DROP-IN and No Reservation is Required. Participants often return each week, develop friendships with others in their group, and improve English skills with trained ESL tutors.

Cultural Q & A
Residents and non-residents learn about other cultures by testing their knowledge in a fun-filled, trivia-game format each month. This program is so popular that we have trouble concluding the program!

Spiritual Community Visits
These programs are opportunities to explore a variety of spiritual paths through visits to local spiritual or religious communities as well as encounters with spiritually independent leaders in the community. These experiences allow participants to deepen their understanding of our world’s multiple wisdom traditions and the many ways in which they are evolving.

60 Minutes Around the World
This popular monthly program, organized with the International Center at UM, brings residents and non-residents together to learn about a specific culture in one hour.

Indigenous Knowing Experience
Indigenous Knowing is a unique program that we are fortunate to offer through the GEU Program. Led by our Executive Director who has personal experience with the First Nation Peoples of this region, participants are given a rare opportunity to connect with and learn Indigenous ways of knowing. This way of knowing is the birthright of all humanity and is all but lost to our generation.