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We welcome volunteers interested in meeting people from around the world. Apply here to volunteer at I-House Ann Arbor.


“My name is Maham Ashraf Khan. I am a General Practitioner by profession, currently pursuing post-graduate training as an Internist. I joined IHAA as a community volunteer. As a third culture kid, I felt that I would have much to contribute as a part of this organization. I love every part of the work I do! I help to schedule and organize volunteer drivers who take residents on weekly grocery trips. As a member of the Program Committee and GEU task force, I help to brainstorm ideas, plan and execute events.

In my role as a volunteer, I have been able to meet many people from different professions, age groups, countries, and religions. My experience has not only been very rewarding but has also given me the opportunity to grow as an individual and reflect on what I have in common with others. The only regrets I have are not joining this fabulous organization sooner!”

SPOTLIGHT: Lorie Friedman

Lorie is backup coordinator for the ESL program and recently became certified as an ESL tutor. She has been known to help make hot chocolate for the participants of the ESL program at I-House Ann Arbor. Lorie also provides grocery shopping transportation to residents. She always brings her warmth and inquisitiveness to GEU programs and events at IHAA and is happy to be of service. She is a retired nurse practitioner, a mother, avid biker, hiker, dog lover, and do-gooder.

SPOTLIGHT: Jane Poelman

I desire to learn from and serve people from different countries, religions, and cultures. I want to be a part of warmly welcoming, including, and assisting international students as much as I can. I feel a “niche” with international students — meaning, it’s easy for me to understand them and ask the right questions to make them feel known and appreciated.