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IHAA in Brief

  • IHAA has successfully served our world’s international community for over 130 years
  • Alumni from more than 75 countries have lived at I-House Ann Arbor and developed professional careers
  • IHAA organizes over 100 programs for 47 residents, hundreds of campus students, members of the local community, and IHAA alumni every year     with programs and leadership opportunities
  • Our GEU Program – Global Engagement for Understanding – integrates residential, educational, and social components at IHAA that enrich the lives of all who live and learn here 
  • Our program partners extend beyond the University of Michigan to include local, regional, national, and international organizations 
  • Our competitive Application Process ensures our residents are passionate about developing intercultural awareness for  global citizenship
  • Programs include intercultural community meals, language interaction, art-music-literary clubs, documentary film nights, alumni and resident networking events, service and leadership programs, opportunities to engage with indigenous tribes of Michigan, a certificate program in global engagement, and much more.