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We’ve been around since 1888. Our alumni span the globe.  Whether today’s alumni experienced IHAA as ECC or ECIR (our previous names), our mission has always been the same.  To foster intercultural respect, international friendships, and a caring global community.

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Many IHAA Alumni choose to live and work in the USA after completing their degrees.

While the vast majority of our students come from the state of Michigan, we also attract more than 10 percent from foreign countries. And those who remain in the U.S. to work after graduation are nearly as likely as domestic students to stay in Michigan…Our state is stronger as a result. – Detroit News 

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Our alumni who return to their home countries, bring with them a unique experience of living in an intentional international community. They bring with them memories of good times as students living at IHAA and the good will of the Ann Arbor community. The vision of a caring global community is enhanced and our whole world enriched when alumni share their experience with others.


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